Trust the experts in commercial office cleaning

With so many hours spent each week in the office, it’s absolutely vital to regularly maintain a clean and tidy workplace for your employees.

An office that is free from germs, dust, clutter and other hazards will ensure a healthy, productive and happy working environment for all.

At Topclean, we provide highly meticulous and tailored cleaning services based on your office cleaning needs. Whether you manage an entire building, operate within multi-levels or run your business from a single room office, our qualified team of cleaners have years of experience within varied cleaning environments, and can tackle any kind of office space.

We use modern equipment, proven methods and cleaning techniques, to deliver the most thorough and efficient cleaning service as possible. This includes industrial strength vacuum cleaning and utilising high quality non-toxic, environmentally friendly products that ensures a safe environment for everyone.

Removing dirt, dust and other allergens and irritants trapped within the pile of your carpet enables better breathing, which makes for a healthier environment for all.

What our office cleaning services include

We’ll put together a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning plan that takes care of all your cleaning requirements. From early in the morning until late at night, we can work to a schedule that won’t disrupt your business.

Cleaning tasks may include:

  • Floors, carpets, tiles and wall cleaning
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Window cleaning
  • Furniture and customer seating areas
  • Work stations – desks, chairs, telephones, monitors and keyboards
  • Kitchens and break out areas
  • Clean and sanitise restrooms including replacing consumables
  • Emptying and relining bins
  • Fault reporting

Why choose Topclean for your office cleaning?

  • 100% dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Specialist commercial cleaners with years of industry experience
  • Competitive cleaning rates for tailored cleaning solutions
  • Flexible approach to suit your unique business requirements
  • Impeccable standards with continuous quality controls in place
  • Reliable and efficient service

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on your commercial or office cleaning.