Topclean provides a complete vinyl floor cleaning solution for your home or business. From floor stripping and resealing to floor buffing, we can strip, buff, seal, and refinish your vinyl and linoleum floors to perfection.

Bring back the lustre in your vinyl

Vinyl and linoleum floors can be extremely durable and long-lasting if you maintain them properly to preserve their resilience and brilliance. Our experienced cleaning technicians can strip and reseal all types of surfaces, ensuring they maintain a new appearance.

Over time floors can develop wax or sealer build-up and present discolouration. Furthermore, foot traffic and environmental factors continuously bring pollutants into contact with this coating, attracting dirt and dust that embeds into the sealer, which mopping alone won’t restore.

To solve this problem and get your floors back to their original condition, our stripping professionals will carry out a thorough clean and polish which includes:

  • Removing the old layers of wax and sealer
  • Resealing your floor using a high quality sealer
  • Professionally buff the floor to a brilliant shine
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