Professional cleaning for your school

At Topclean, we understand the importance of maintaining a hygienically clean environment for your students and staff.

Unsanitary conditions can lead to the spread of bacteria, pests and other nasties, which can negatively impact on student health and performance, and also reflect poorly on your school.

Our dedicated cleaning crew are experts in their field. They possess years of industry experience delivering high quality cleaning services for educational institutions of all shapes and sizes, from primary and secondary schools, childcare centres, universities and TAFE.

We make it our priority to train all cleaning staff on OHS procedures and carry out security screening, for the safety of your school community.

Meeting the highest cleaning standards is important to us. We utilise the latest technology and methods to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment for all.

Removing dirt, dust and other allergens and irritants trapped within the pile of your carpet enables better breathing, which makes for a healthier environment for all.

What our education cleaning services include

From looking after your general day to day cleaning to handling the end of term clean up, and performing specialised jobs such as steam cleaning, floor buffing and window cleaning, we will carefully plan and manage your cleaning requirements.

Our cleaning services are available both during the school term and throughout the school holidays.

Cleaning tasks may include:

  • Floors, carpets, tiles and wall cleaning
  • Classrooms and common areas
  • Staffrooms and administration offices
  • Clean and sanitise toilets including replacing consumables
  • Waste bin disposal
  • Gymnasiums and school halls
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Window cleaning
  • Steam cleaning, floor buffing and polishing
  • Fault reporting

Why choose Topclean for your school or educational institution?

  • Absolute dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Highly skilled cleaners with years of industry experience
  • Cost effective pricing for custom cleaning services
  • Flexible approach to fit your needs and environment
  • Consistently top quality results with regular monitoring
  • Reliable and hassle free service

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on your educational cleaning needs.