Spotless cleaning solutions for your sporting facility

Exposure to a high-moisture environment can speed up the growth of bacteria. And, with the constant amount of traffic and sweat your health and fitness centre or sporting complex sees on a daily basis, it’s absolutely imperative your facilities always remain fresh and hygienically clean.

Sporting facilities vary as do their cleaning requirements, which is why we provide customised cleaning solutions to meet your specific recreational cleaning needs.

Whether its indoors or outdoors, swimming pools or gyms, change rooms or club rooms, the dedicated team at Topclean will keep your premises sparkling clean, to ensure a healthy environment for your members, spectators and staff.

We take pride in our cleaning services with a 100% commitment to meeting your needs. We select environmentally friendly cleaning products that deliver the most superior results without causing any unnecessary harm.

Removing dirt, dust and other allergens and irritants trapped within the pile of your carpet enables better breathing, which makes for a healthier environment for all.

What our sport and recreation cleaning services include

We provide specialised services for a range of sporting and recreational facilities. We will develop a highly effective cleaning program that will ensure your facility is kept hygienically clean.

Our typical services may include:

  • Complete wipe down and disinfecting of all gym equipment
  • Washing and cleaning entrances and glass doors
  • Vacuuming and washing interior floors, hallways and locker rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitising of toilets and change rooms
  • Dusting and wiping down hard surfaces
  • Cleaning of all hard floors
  • Carpet cleaning

Why choose Topclean for your gym or sport and leisure facility?

  • Complete dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Highly skilled cleaners with years of industry experience
  • Affordable pricing for custom cleaning solutions
  • Full service flexibility to suit your schedule
  • Consistently maintain high level of standards with regular inspections
  • Reliable and hassle free service

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and to discuss your sport and recreation cleaning needs.